Conscious Consumers Course + Community


Join the Conscious Consumers Course + Community and go from being concerned and confused to CONFIDENT in your healthy, eco-friendly choices.

Includes online course modules, the Conscious Consumers Community Facebook group, and the 4 week Healthy Home Challenge! 

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Introduction to Conscious Consumers Course + Community

6 Lessons

Learn what it means to be a conscious consumer and get the Conscious Choices Method we use to make lifestyle and product choices that are better for health, the environment and society. 

Personal Care Products

16 Lessons

Learn what's wrong with most conventional personal care products and the tools and resources you need to find products that are better for your health and the environment! We cover everything from bath & body care to hair care to personal hygiene products in this module. 

Non-Toxic Home

5 Lessons

A deep dive into products and lifestyle choices that may lead to exposure to toxic chemicals in our homes - and the safe and eco-friendly alternatives to use instead.  

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